Chartlytics Presents a Live Webinar...




April 26th

at 4pm Pacific, 7pm Eastern

Hosted by

Rick Kubina

Rick (Ph.D., BCBA-D) is a cofounder of Chartlytics and Professor at Penn State teaching and researching the science of individual measurement and performance/learning improvement.

With special guest

Kendra Peacock

A national expert on Precision Teaching and pinpointing and Director of Outreach at the Vista School, Kendra has overseen a staff whose goal it is to go into public schools, pinpoint social skills, and help students interact with classmates, teachers, and parents in a positive manner.

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Social skills form an important part of everyone’s life. Poor or lacking social skills have negative repercussions in personal interactions. Conversing with others, interacting with peers at a job site, and forging personal bonds all rely on social skills. Yet many students with disabilities lack even the most basic social skills. Join Chartlytics and our upcoming guest Kendra Peacock for “Pinpointing Social Skills.”

Kendra will share the basic process for pinpointing a complex target such as social skills and share examples from her work.

We're going to show you...

  • What is a pinpoint?
  • How does one pinpoint a social skill?
  • How does pinpointing social skills help teaching social skills?

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